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Official website of Jakob Halskov, ph.d.

You gotta have a website, but since I am not much of a blogger, this page is little more than a business card currently.

For information about my educational and occupational profile and history, please visit my LinkedIn resume.

A few pointers to interesting websites

A most fascinating Chinese sci-fi I read recently is The Three-Body Problem.

Where do Central Banks come from? Please read The Creature from Jekyll Island.

Interestingly, relational databases are really poor at handling relational, i.e. connected, data. With graph databases, like the neo4j implementation, relations are the fundamental building block, and there is hardly any gap between sketching out entities and relations on a whiteboard and implementing the corresponding data model (or querying it with Cypher for that matter). Time to forget about foreign keys, join statements etc. and exploit the flexibility and performance of graph databases :-) Do read the free text book by O'Reilly!

Looking for an incredibly customizable and intuitive data analytics & visualization platform? No need to buy expensive proprietary Business Intelligence tools; there are free open source platforms around: please check out KNIME.