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Welcome! You have found a versatile data scientist well-versed in Japanese/Korean.

Halskov.net is the personal website of Jakob Halskov. My core skills and work experience lie in the fields of IT (esp. text/data mining) and Asian languages. I hold multiple degrees in language studies (BA in Japanese, MA in English, TOPIK test in Korean), a PhD in computational linguistics (2007), and more recently a Graduate Certificate of Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School (2012).

On this website you will find a little information on both Korean and Japanese, but also some stuff related to my other key interests, for example the intriguing analytic potential of the nascent field of Behavior Informatics.

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IT : Useful CLI tools for manipulating pdf, graphs and images
Posted by jakob on 2011/11/2 20:50:00 (2799 reads)

Stuck on a windows system? Well, install Cygwin and you get a fast and perfectly free shortcut to linux CLI essentials like gnuplot, emacs, graphviz, pdftk, imagemagick, and perl with all its convenient modules on CPAN!

Imagemagick, for example, will let you run a CLI oneliner like "for i in *.jpg; do convert -resize 60 $i > thumbnails/$i; done" which automatically resizes all images in your current directory and puts them in a subfolder named thumbnails.

Japanese - 日本語 : Can't write in Japanese on your PC?
Posted by jakob on 2011/9/11 19:20:00 (2987 reads)
Japanese - 日本語

Obviously, you have installed all the goodies you need in your daily IT life on your own PC and smartphone, but what do you do when you are forced to use another PC at the library, the airport or whatever? Let's face it, there are a lot of people out there who don't really care about being able to write kanji (漢字), hiragana (ひらがな) and katakana (カタカナ). But luckily you can simply browse to this neat little service on the web, the Ajax IME. Enjoy :-)

Korean - 한국어 : Puzzled by the intricacies of Korean verbs? Download the dongsa.net app!
Posted by jakob on 2011/9/11 19:20:00 (3504 reads)
Korean - 한국어

The other day I stumbled on an extremely useful little app for my smartphone, dongsa.net. I think all students of Korean will love this little piece of software which gives you a wide range of the most common inflections of a verb given its base form as input. Check it out: dongsa.net! It's a huge time saver ;-)

Economics : Wall Street aristocracy got 1,200,000,000,000 USD of public money from the FED. Still think "bankpakke 4" is a great idea?
Posted by jakob on 2011/9/10 9:50:00 (3709 reads)

According to a news article recently published by Bloomberg, Ben Bernanke generously, and secretly, conjured up and handed over 1.2 trillion (!) of the taxpayers' money to private banks during the last financial panic in 2008.

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